Sight-Sim TM - insight into the way others see the world

Welcome to the Sight-SimTM website.

Children with visual impairment don't complain of poor vision

because they don't know what the can't see.


With Sight-SimTM, you can understand and help to make their world

a more visible place.

  • Sight-SimTM is a unique new tool designed for those caring for visually-impaired children.
  • Sight-SimTM uses your child’s measurements of vision - acuity and contrast sensitivity - to degrade images to match your child’s vision.
  • Sight-SimTM lets you see the world as your child or pupil sees it. You can then make things bigger, brighter, higher contrast, simpler… whatever makes their world visible to them. And you can check it with Sight-SimTM.

The Sight-SimTM project is a collaborative project between

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde and the University of Glasgow


Professor Gordon Dutton MD

Sight-SimTM was conceived by Professor Gordon Dutton, a Paediatric Ophthalmologist working at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children at Yorkhill in Glasgow, UK.
He says:

“Eye care professionals spend huge amounts of time and effort measuring vision and expressing it in numbers. You, the parents and teachers, are then sent letters full of numbers which you may not fully understand. Sight-SimTM finally bridges that gap. Whether Sight-SimTM software is in the doctor’s clinic, on the teacher’s desktop or at the parent’s home, it can show you what the world is like for your child. Once you understand that, you can concentrate your efforts on making sure all the important things inlife—text, faces, route-markers, pictures—are big or bright or close enough for your child to see.

How does visual impairment affect your child ?

Social Interaction

We need vision to interact socially and to develop emotionally. Is the mummy below happy or is she sad? If vision is reduced, we can’t ‘read’ faces:

Mummy needs to move closer !


We need vision to learn. How many objects are there shown in the picture below? What is the number?

The text needs to be bigger!

Navigation and mobility

We need vision to guide movement and reaching. Would you like to climb the stairs in the middle image? Does black tape on the stair edges (far right) make them easier to climb?


The Team

Professor Gordon Dutton, MD, Paediatric Opthalmologist
Dr Michael Bradnam, Clinical Scientist
Dr Ruth Hamilton, Clinical Scientist
Dr J Paul Siebert, Computer Scientist

Further Information

Sight-SimTM is due for release in 2012 (except USA and territories). Sight-SimTM is due for release in the USA and territories in 2014.

For further information on Sight-simTM, please contact Dr. Michael Bradnam by phone, fax or email. His contact details are below.

Phone: +44 (0) 141-201-0119
Fax: +44 (0) 141-201-0098



If you want a copy of the information on this web page, you can down load an Adobe pdf file here.